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Mershon Builders guarantees that one of the company’s owners manage each of the contracts the builders take on. Doing so offers Bucks County residents assurance that local contractors will provide quality work on time and with no hassle to homeowners. Each project includes a free estimate of materials and labor as well as a timeframe for completion. For specialist work including plumbing and electrical work, Mershon Builders have deep connections with local craftsmen that have been in place for years.

Unlike other general contractors, a Mershon owner is always on site to ensure that the project moves according to schedule and to head off any issues with their partner contractors, material sourcing or any other issue. All projects also include a focus on the small elements that can cause problems for new construction or renovation.

Permits and insurances are handled in-house by Mershon staff at its Newtown location. All construction debris is removed from the job frequently, daily in most cases, so that homeowners do not have to see unsightly dumpsters on their property as the project continues.